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Grow Room Design

We provide turnkey, durable, fully modular, ISO clean, high yielding cultivation rooms allowing growers to create the perfect growing environment all year round. Optimize your space and double your yield in the same footprint while compartmentalizing your room into sections to house a complete grow operation!

Please inquire about our pre-engineered consumer
layouts to get you growing

In building out your turnkey model, we understand equipment selection is subject to grower. We align with several industry leaders to provide you options that are innovative and trustworthy. Our facilities can support both hydroponic and soil options.


Solar Off Grid/Ready • Probiotics / Nutrient Injection system

Integrated rainwater collection and recycling

Scale to Size

Customize your Warehouse

In mastering the proven technologies and success of large commercial grows for the past two years, we use Structurally Insulated Panels to create a hermetically sealed, mold/pest free, and sterile environment. Increase capital by decreasing your overhead! Our panels provide high R-Value thermal resistance, significantly reducing your energy consumption, saving you thousands of dollars per year.

We can scale to ANY size!.
Please inquire about our pre-engineered commercial layouts

You can convert your existing facility using our technology

Our warehouse kits are a modular system that enable growers to quickly create a controlled growing environment inside of an existing warehouse, pole barn, or commercial space. With just a few laborers, and very basic tools, several thousand square feet can be quickly converted into secure, air sealed, and super insulated growing space.


• Separates crops for multiple harvests times
• Light Deprivation options
• Eliminates the need for chemicals and pesticides
• Eliminates theft and tampering
• Controlled micro-climate
• Four season growing


• Convert existing warehouse to a hygienic medicinal grow facility
• Completely insulated greatly reducing energy consumption
• Made from recycled materials
• Does NOT contain CFC’s, HFC’s, and no off gassing
• Local sustainable agriculture in ANY geographic location and climate


• Impervious to mold, mildew, rot and insects
• Installation of growing equipment is a breeze
• Capable of withstanding high winds and snow cover
• Secure and fireproof
• Permanent or Portable installations

Maximize Your Resources

Grow Greenhouse

Greenhouse growing is a leading method for Cannabis cultivation, combining precise grower control with the powerful benefits of our sun. While typical greenhouses are permanent structures, we employ a modular expandable structure allowing you to grow in line with your business.

Our Greenhouse Hybrids integrate the efficiency of structurally insulated panels with natural sunlight. Offerings such as flexible multi-tier growing layouts, rollup security/blackout panels, and environmental control allow you to manage your grow, combining the best of both worlds.

All in one Veg / Bloom / Harvest / Process • Mold / Fungus resistant construction
Natural / Artificial (supplemental) • Flexible Multi-Tier growing / layouts
High Performance / controlled growing environment • Integrated rainwater collection and storage • Integrated CO2, water, distribution • Modular electrical distribution


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