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Sit back, relax, and enjoy a High Roller Rollie Marijuana Cigarette! This marijuana cigarette is the perfect way to medicate daily or for special occasions, weekends, and those nights that you want to bring something extra to the table. We guarantee that any day with one of our High Roller Rollie Cigarettes will be one to remember! So drop in, and tune out as you nourish the mind and body with our premium cannabis strains.

Premium marijuana cigarette

With a sharp concentration on quality and wellbeing – these resoundingly delightfully items are carefully crafted. This premium marijuana cigarette is made of the highest quality cannabis available and the cigarettes contain flower mixed with kief and cold water hash. Each cigarette is sealed into individual tubes for flavor and smell preservation. Each time a patient uses a Rollie, they will find it fresh and medicating.

As demand has increased, Rollie’s contributes to changing perspectives and helping to diminish negative myths and generalizations connected with cannabis consumption. Said to be one of the first thriving plants on Earth and introduced to the western hemisphere in the 1500’s, Cannabis occurs naturally in numerous tropical and temperate parts of the world. As the medicinal market grows, and further legalization is permitted, new cultivation practices are introduced and studies can be conducted to prove the many benefits and uses this plant provides.

Regular marijuana cigarettes

The Regular marijuana cigarettes are packaged with 5 cigarettes per pack. Each one is hand sealed to ensure quality and to prevent them from drying out. The flavors are sealed in to guarantee each patient has the finest quality cannabis flowers and to make sure quality is never compromised.

Although there are many more studies to be done, we have much more to look forward to as research has already shown Cannabis has lent its powerful effects to help cancer patients, hold back the progression of Alzheimer’s, and prevents epileptic seizures from occurring. Cannabis is also known to ease anxiety and depression because the plant acts as a natural healing remedy by allowing the body relief from tension or imbalance and creating a homeostasis for the mind and body.


The third type of Rollie’s is sealed in a metal box to ensure the perfect of taste and flavor is achieved. The patient will be able to take a smaller dose which will give the customer a different dosing size option. Satisfaction is guaranteed because Rollie’s are made with the finest grown indoor flower.

Our custom-rolled joints are made from the finest flowers, and harvested by our experienced cultivators, then carefully rolled into the perfect form, using pure rice -based papers.

Every product is tested and held to the highest standards, ensuring it is free of all toxic pesticides, harmful molds and chemical residues.